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Decoration Ideas: Tips For Landscaping And Decorating Your Garden

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Decorating Your Garden

Are you lucky enough to be able to enjoy an outdoor space? The beautiful days are coming back, and you would like to make your garden a pleasant and trendy living space?

When building a house, outdoor spaces and gardens are often put aside due to a lack of budget. However, benefiting from a landscaped and decorated garden is a significant advantage, both from an aesthetic perspective and for your daily comfort.

Got a patch of grass, and you don’t know what to do with it? Are you looking for inspiration for decorating your garden ? Paths, water source, shelter, vegetable patch, salvage items: many solutions exist!

Create paths in your garden

Here is the first idea that will easily structure your garden: create a path.

The garden path is both an aesthetic asset, but also a functional asset for your outdoor spaces. There are several types of driveways: pedestrian paths used to walk in the garden or to connect the house to the outside and driveways allowing access by car to the house or the garage.

There are thus different shapes and different coverings to create a garden path. The choice of siding will depend on your taste and the main function of your driveway.

The driveway

A driveway is a driveway allowing the passage of a vehicle (car, vans, etc.).

To create a driveway, you must plan a slope of at least 2.5% to allow the evacuation of rainwater (to a gutter or an evacuation network).

Good to know: in the case of a gravel driveway, it is important to first lay a geotextile that will prevent roots from growing and weeds from appearing.

The main pedestrian alley

Not everyone will come to you by car only. Thus, the main pedestrian alley is important to connect the house to the gate.

Here again, the shapes and coverings may be different. It will be necessary to be attentive:

  • Width: two people must be able to pass each other easily without hindering each other (approximately 1.50 m).
  • On the slope: a slight slope is necessary to avoid the stagnation of rainwater.
  • To the chosen coating: it is important that the coating is not slippery.

Materials to create a driveway

You understood it: several materials are possible to create a driveway. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing your material, you will need to think about the style you want, the use of the aisle, the climate in your area, your budget, etc.

Need ideas and inspiration? Here are some possibilities for creating a path in your garden:

  • Wood: slabs, slats or even slatted floors; wood adapts very well and brings a natural atmosphere to your garden even if it is less resistant than stone.
  • Japanese steps: for a zen style, Japanese steps allow you to adjust your walkway as you wish.
  • Pavers: very practical; pavers do not require a joint during installation.
  • Gravel: Inexpensive, gravel is a material that adapts to all styles.
  • Paving: in concrete, stone or even brick, paving creates a clean and straight path.

Don’t forget that it is possible to further personalize your driveway by installing a border or even lighting!

A source of water for your garden: install a fountain or a pond

To decorate your garden and give it even more charm, the solution may be to create a water point. Whether it is a basin or a fountain, the water point will bring a zen spirit to your outdoor spaces.

To create a pond in your garden, several solutions exist:

  • The preformed hulls.
  • Concrete basins.
  • Flexible membranes.

If you decide to create a water point in your garden, however, you will need to pay attention to certain points:

  • Find out about the feasibility of the project from your town hall.
  • Avoid creating a water point too close to the home because of the humidity and the wildlife that may be attracted to it.
  • Avoid a too sunny location favouring the appearance of algae.
  • Choose a location that can be connected to the house’s power supply.

Good to know: it is quite possible to fill your pond with rainwater.