Motatapu SKODA Mountain Bike

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This iconic event is not to be missed.

Taking you on an iconic off road course through the magnificent Motatapu, Soho and Glencoe Stations, there is only one chance to bike this course each year and it’s by riding The Motatapu! Set in the spectacular Southern high country of New Zealand, there are many rivers to cross, hills to climb and a few steep descents thrown into the mix.

The ride starts on the shore of Lake Wanaka and finishes at historic Arrowtown. Your journey follows a route early Maori used for hunting and gathering, and to move Pounamu (Greenstone). The valley was not discovered by European explorers until around 1862 during the gold rush.

This event can be as challenging or as laid back as you want it to be with pros, amateurs, and newbies all racing the same 47km track.  Top NZ Mountain Bikers have set records, celebs such as Bill English, Steve Gurney and Hamish Carter have added character, but it’s the everyday recreational rider that is the backbone of this event.

Mountain bikers from NZ and beyond have been racing the Motatapu for over a decade, some returning year after year to relive the glory. It’s time for you to experience it for yourself. Bring it on!

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