RV Raks Four Bike 4WD Wheel Mounted Rack

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The wheel mounted rack from RV Raks is a great bike rack option for 4WDs.

There are models available to fit almost any type of 4WD in New Zealand and Australia and come with all the hardware so you can just bolt it on and go. These racks are built tough with heavy gauge materials. They are also really easy to use. The Four Bike Rack will carry four bikes of any description with a load rating of 65kg.


There’s a protective foam layer on the rack and bikes are secured easily with toggle ties. There’s no need for an extra brace strap and you can access the rear door without having to take the rack off.

The pin system that locks the arms in place is effortless to use and the unique pivoting arm means you can just fold the rack down when you’re not using it.


Read more at rv-rak.co.nz/RV_four.