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Local Trail Guide

Auckland is well known as a largest sprawling city, and subsequently has multiple riding destinations spanning the Region. A lot of the work on the trails is done by active Club Members in association with Local Bodies.

Local Travel Guide

NZ’s biggest city has a HUGE variety of attractions, vibrant mix of cultures, and diverse landscapes; from cosmopolitan cityscape to blissful beaches and rainforest.

Taste of: Auckland in 48 Hours

By Hayden Shore

Whilst trying to clear the inbox one night, up pops an email with the subject: AUCKLAND GUIDE REQUIRED THIS WEEKEND. This inbox is Woodhill MTB Parks -, so this isn't unusual. This wasn't your standard school or work group booking though, this was from two guys from Australia wanting to ride as much as possible in two days.

Taste of: Great Barrier Island

By Stu Waddel

A quick heads-up and sharing our plans for the day ended with a toast to the adventure and a forecast of good weather. We were on island time. It felt good to be on the bike, and Medlands was an absolute treat, a must!

Taste of: River of Riding in West Auckland

By Ryan Lovett

West Auckland is home to the famous Riverhead trails believed to have mud so deep you can lose a bike in the bogs and gorse so thick it would tear your skin off, however, there is also another side to Riverhead Forest.