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Local Trail Guide

The Selwyn district holds a mixture of mountain biking opportunities from the family friendly riding along the historical Little River Rail Trail to the more challenging sensational single track in the mountains of the Craigieburn Forest Park.

Local Travel Guide

Bounded by braided rivers, sensational Selwyn District ranges from the Pacific Ocean, across the Canterbury Plains, to the spectacular Southern Alps. Craving adventure? Check out Selwyn’s challenging sub-alpine and mountain rides!

Taste of: Porters Flow Track

This purpose built trail is situated in stunning alpine scenery around the Porters Lodge and is designed to offer challenge and fun for all riders of all abilities. It is the 1st flow style trail in the Castle Hill area.

Taste of: Enduro Racing in the Craigieburns

Nicholas Sutcliffe

We’re a competitive lot, generally – even those amongst us who avoid timed events still enjoy abit of a good natured tussle with friends, secretly (or not so) revelling in victory, or vowing for later revenge. Mountain biking is no exception – rides seem to revolve around chatting and socialising on the way up, with alittle bit of tussling here and there, but the real race starts on the way down, at least that’s been my experience of social riding all these years.

Taste of: Selwyn's Hill of Glory

Amber Coubourgh

Fleeing the city for 24 hours on Saturday morning, we packed up the truck and headed for the Alps – no better place to be. Bikes on the back and good tunes playing, the hour and a half drive took no time to pass as we rounded the last couple of corners from Craigieburn and saw the gateway to Flockhill Station. The weather was spectacular with blue skies and a slight breeze - it was shaping up to be a great day for a ride.

Taste of: Selwyn's Alpine Riding

Words by Stu Waddel. Images by John O'Malley.

Selwyn has a lot going on; within the region there are six sensational ski areas, quintessential club ski areas, plus the fast-growing and popular Porters Ski Area. Temple Basin is to the west on the Main Divide, and the remaining five ski areas are in the Craigieburn Range.